Sunday, December 10, 2017

Update On 2017 Want To Buy List


Shannon: Cry Havoc and Scythe- I still have not purchased or played either of these games. Throughout the year I have found too many other games that have ended up taking priority for me that these two have fallen down lower on my wish list.
Amber: Blend Off: I got this game back in February. And I really like it. It is a fun and fast game of rolling and grabbing the fruit. I like that you can play it in less than 5 minutes and it is easy for non-gamers to pick up.


Shannon: Jamaica- This is another game that has fallen down lower on my wish list due to other games coming out that I have just wanted to get and play more. 
Amber: Scoville - I haven't gotten this game. It is still on my want list :D Maybe for Christmas or birthday :) 


Shannon: One Deck Dungeon- I got this game back in January and it was played a lot over the first half of the year, but I have not played it as much the second half of the year. I still really like this game and need to get back to playing it again. 
Amber: Patchwork- Got it!! :D I have really enjoyed having this game in our collection. I like Tetris and so does my mom, who is not a gamer so I like that she will play with me! Also I love playing it with my step daughter, sister, or husband!


Shannon: Mystic Vale- I recently traded Amber for this game earlier this month, and I'm so happy about it. I love this game, and I can't wait to play it more and get the expansions for it.      
Amber: Burgle Bros. - I haven't gotten this one either. I would still like it, I think. But there are also other games I want, so it has been moved down the list for now. 


Shannon: One Night Revolution- After doing a little more research on this game, we decided to stick with the One Night Ultimate Werewolf series instead of picking this one up.
Amber: Hero Realms- Shannon got this game so, we decided to pass on it for now. 


Shannon: Sub Terra- Sadly I did not pick this up when it was a kickstarter, so I am just waiting and hoping that I can buy it one day soon. 
Amber: Potion Explosion- I got this one for Mother's day! :D We have played it A LOT, and a few friends have borrowed it! We have even looked into a new marble catcher :D 


Shannon: Red Dragon Inn: Battle For Greyport- Got this game back in January too, sadly it is currently still sitting on my shelf of shame waiting to be played. I really hope to remedy that soon!
Amber: Pursuit of Happiness-  I got this for my birthday! :D I really like the game. It is a good worker placement game, but I find I die early! 


Shannon: Hero Realms- Another game that I picked up back in January. I have played this as the two player competitive version and I liked it and I look forward to picking up the expansion that turns it into a cooperative game. 
Amber: Quadropolis- I believe this was the other game I got for my birthday. :D My husband and step daughter NAILED the birthday gifts! :D I really like this game, I think I like the expert version the best straight out of the box :) I have the expansion on my wishlist for 2018!


Shannon: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle- I picked this game up in January also. (Can you guess which month my birthday is in?) I enjoyed playing this game very much. I have played through it as a four player game and as a two player game and I hope to play the expansion soon.
Amber: Happy Salmon- I got this game too! :D It was what I bought with some late Christmas money for a good deal :D This has been a great game to replace our game of pit. It is crazy, fast, and fun.


Shannon: First MartiansI am still super excited to buy this game, but since it came out so late in the year, I just haven't been able to buy it yet. Hopefully I will be able to pick this one up soon! 
Amber: Beyond Baker Street-  Shannon got me this game for my birthday. I really like this game and the challenge of not seeing your cards. Plus Shannon doesn't like to play Hanabi but she will play this one with me :D