Saturday, December 31, 2016

Introducing Bored? Then Board! Co-Author Amber:

Facts About Amber:

*I am 28 years old.
*I am married and have 1 step daughter.
*I have 2 cats.
*I work as an Occupational Therapist Assistant.
*I love board games..
*Favorite game as of today: Ticket to Ride Europe
*Game I am looking forward to learning the most:One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak
*My favorite candy is Receses Peanut Butter Cups.
*My favorite color is lime green.
*I wish I made more money to buy a house and/or more games.
*I like to read, but will choose a board game over reading.
*My instagram username: giraffey88
*My board game geek username: giraffey88 

Why did I start gaming?

I have always enjoyed game nights! In high school and college it was a cheap thing to do with friends, but RISK, Taboo, or Killer Uno only happened 1-3 times a month. So I am not sure back then I had a real desire to game. Then 4 years ago I remember going to another couple's house who were good friends of Dane, my then boyfriend and now husband, and they were playing Red Dragon Inn. I honestly remember looking over his shoulder as he played Gog and saying, I don't get this game, and I am not sure I ever care to learn it. Within probably 6 months I was playing it, and to this day I like Kaylin's deck and her pet Wulfric best. :) She isn't great for the gambling aspect, but I like her ignore cards! 
This couple had big and small game nights where Dane and I started playing board games a few times a month, i.e. Sequence, Rook, Snake Oil, Avalon, Red Dragon Inn and Shadows Over Camelot, but all those games were pretty basic. Either you had the cards you needed or not. Then within a year of seeing Red Dragon Inn for the first time we had bought those same friends Munchkin and Forbidden Island. This couple's house is where my love for strategic games has grown and the wife of that couple is the co-author for this blog! I now LOVE board games and want to play every day. I love learning new ones, but some of the ones I learned back 3 years ago like Ticket to Ride and Forbidden Island are still near and dear to my heart. I have learned what I like in games and what I hate! I have a strong desire to win, but I don't always like to think to far ahead because it seems like more thinking then I want to take the time to do. Which is also why sometimes playing cut throat games with our husbands drives me nuts, and why I tend to pick cooperative games so everyone shares the win/lose.

Introducing Bored? Then Board! Co-Author Shannon:

Facts About Shannon:

*Married with three kids.
*Favorite board games are usually cooperative.
*Not a very competitive player; enjoys the fun of playing more than winning.
*Favorite game is currently Mysterium.
*Game most looking forward to learning: Star Wars Imperial Assualt.
*Loves drinking hot chocolate while playing games.
*Lover of all kinds of books; favorite are fantasy.
*Loves geeky TV shows and movies.
*Enjoys all different kinds of music.
*Instagram account: @shazzafreakisageek
*BoardGameGeek account: Shannont222

Why Do I Want To Start A Board Gaming Blog?

When I asked myself this question, all my reasons boiled down to; I love board games, and I wanted to talk about them. So it was simply a matter of wanting a way to share my thoughts and ideas with other people who have the same passion for board gaming that I do.

 How I Got Into Board Games:

As a kid I grew up with games like Monopoly, Candy Land, and Life. We didn't have a lot of games, but I always loved playing the ones that we had. I enjoyed having friends over and playing games with them, but my knowledge of games was very basic and I only knew about and played games you could find at stores like Walmart.
When I got married, board games became a favorite activity of my husband and myself. He loves video games, and I love reading and watching TV, and board games were something we both enjoyed and loved playing together. We also started inviting friends and family over for game nights of Apples to Apples and Taboo. Those nights were so much fun that it became a regular thing for us. Around that same time, a friend of my husband's introduced us to 7 Wonders. At first, I thought it seemed very complicated and not like something I would enjoy. But the idea was there for us now that there were board games out there that we had never heard of before and were different from the games that we knew.
Then Amber and her husband started coming over for game nights. We started off playing Dominoes and Sequence and it still took us a little time before we slowly started really looking and finding new and interesting games to play. We started playing games like Munchkin, Red Dragon Inn, and Forbidden Island, and that was it for us. There was no more going back. We had been introduced to a whole new world of board games and we loved it.
We have come a long way in the last few years and we are greatly enjoying the journey of finding new and awesome games to play. I hope you enjoy reading our thoughts and opinions about board games and all the fun stuff that comes with them.