Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Amber's 2017 Board Game Challenges

I have decided to follow in Shannon's tracks and post about my yearly board game challenges, too.
My first challenge is to play at least 7 board games a week. My second challenge is a 10 x 10 challenge.

Challenge #1 Play at least 7 board games a week! At my house we play many games every week, so my first challenge should be easy and hard at the same time depending on how my week goes. I had thought about doing one game a day, but I know I missed one day the first week of January. So 7 games will allow me to miss a day, but I can still make up for it by playing multiple games on a different day, which I did last week.


Challenge #2 10 x 10 challenge! I picked a mix of games that should hit everyone in the house. I like all the games, but my husband really likes- Mechs vs Minions, Pandemic Iberia, and Ticket to Ride, and my step-daughter really likes- King of New York, Welcome to the Dungeon, and has started to pick Splendor more often. Also I tried to make it a mix of 2 and 3+ player games, coop and non-coop, and new and older.


Are you doing any challenges this year?
Of my 10 x 10 challenge, which game is your favorite?
Is there a game from the 10 x 10 challenge that you want Shannon and I to review soon? 
Leave us a comment, we hope to hear from you! :)

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