Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our Current Top Ten Games

  To find out more about the games we talk about in this list, just click the name of the game and the link will take you to the BoardGameGeek page for that game so you can explore more about it.



Amber: Takenoko- It is a solid game that is fun and can be played by a range of people.
Shannon: Takenoko- This game is cute, fun, and easy, so I can play it with experienced players, but it's also good for beginning players. Plus my kids love it!


Amber: Dead of Winter- I love the theme, characters, and abilities, and it is co-op but can have a betrayer so it adds replay.
Shannon: The Resistance- I love the hidden roles in this party game. It's always so much fun when we pull it out to play.


Amber: Oceanos- This one may not be a favorite for long term, but I like it for the close call of who is going to win. It may just come down to the last round or scoring for getting a treasure chest, a base, up grades, or coral.
Shannon: Legendary Marvel- I am a geek, so I absolutely love collecting all the different super heroes for this game. Plus, it's an awesome cooperative, deck building game.


Amber: Robinson Crusoe- I like the scenarios and how you feel like you are on an adventure. Sometimes the rules are confusing with the edition we play.
Shannon: Space Alert- I like the fact that you play all your cards face down and you don't know what actually happens until the end of the game.


Amber: Space Alert- I love the crazy chaos. It is a fast game, and I liked that as you learned it, they teach you sections at a time.
Shannon: Dragonheart- This is a simple 2 player card game that's just a lot of fun. Plus I love the dragon theme.


Amber: Lost Cities- A great 2 player game; simple, easy to pickup, and play.
Shannon: Flash Point- Another great cooperative game. Being firefighters is a good theme.


Amber: Ghost Stories- This game is intense, and makes you think through every move and you still might lose, but I still like it
Shannon: Fairy Tale- A simple card drafting game with an awesome theme.


Amber: Legendary Marvel- The best deck building game I have played. I love the superhero theme, the expansions that add more awesome super heroes, more scenarios, different bystanders, new villains, and so much more.
Shannon: Dead of Winter- The schemes and crossroads cards in this game make it stand out against the other cooperative games like it that I have played. 


Amber: Mysterium- I like that it combines Dixit artwork and a mystery. It is all about your prospective and what cards you have to work with.
Shannon: Love Letter- This filler game is just a lot of fun. I'm terrible at bluffing, but I still enjoy playing.


Amber: Ticket to Ride Europe- I love the planning of my routes to be longest train, sometimes having to replay my route because someone else took where I needed to go, learning where the places are, and watching my train grow.
Shannon: Mysterium- I love the puzzle solving aspect of trying to figure out what each of your clues are supposed to mean.

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