Monday, January 9, 2017

Shannon's 2017 Board Game Challenges:

Though I have been playing board games for several years now, and have even been to one small gaming convention, this last year was my first being active in the online board game community. I started watching tons of videos on Youtube, actively using BoardGameGeek, reading blogs, and posting games on Instagram. After finding and reading Art of Board Gaming's post on Board Game Challenges, I decided to do a couple of challenges. (You can find his post here )

Challenge #1 Play Through Your Collection Board Game Challenge

This is something I was planning on doing soon anyway. I have been wanting to go through all my games and write reviews, decide which games I'd like to get rid of, and learn those we still haven't gotten to. So when I saw this challenge I decided to take it with one change, I'm giving myself until the end of 2018 instead of 2017. We currently have 163 games. 22 of those we still have to learn to play, and I'm sure we will collect even more games during this time. So I wanted to give myself more time to play them all so I can still enjoy my favorites while going through our whole collection. Currently I have played 5 of our 163 games this year!

Challenge #2 10x10 Board Game Challenge

I split the games I chose into three categories. The first group, (Nevermore, Space Alert, and Takenoko) are all three games I love, but they just don't get picked up and played that often. With so many good games to play, sometimes I neglect to play my favorites. The second group, (Dead of Winter, Mechs Vs. Minions, Dragonheart, and Ghost Stories) are four games that my game group loves to play and I wanted to make sure they didn't get pushed to the side because of my first challenge. The last group, (King of New York, Bang! The Dice Game, and Ice Cool) are three games that my kids just got for Christmas, so I wanted to make sure that we played them often this year.

I'm excited to take these two challenges this year and will keep you posted on how they are going throughout the year. Let me know in the comments if you have any other fun Board Game Challenges I can look into for next year!

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