Friday, January 20, 2017

Top Ten Games We Want To Buy In 2017

Here are our top ten games we are hoping to acquire in 2017. Some of these games come out in 2017, and some of them are already out, we just do not own them yet. Also, if you want to know more about any of these games, click the name of the game and it will take you to the BoardGameGeek page for that game so you can learn more!

Shannon: I noticed most of the games that I want most are already out. I'm the kind of person who likes to read reviews and watch videos of a game before I really get excited for them.
Amber: I suggested to Shannon that we name our board game wants this week, because over the next 3 weeks we both have birthdays!! :D  When looking up games, I tend to see other people's Instagram pictures and think, what game is that? It is ______ (colorful, a theme I like, cooperative, etc.) and then I look it up and want it, OR my husband mentions a game he hears about on a podcast and we look into it!


Shannon: Cry Havoc and Scythe- I was torn between which of these two games would make it on my list. When I realized 6 of the games I was most wanting were cooperative, I decided to let them tie for tenth place. Both are strategy games that just look amazing.
Amber: Blend Off: I have this one pre-ordered, and it is supposed to release SOON! I love the idea of making a smoothie and rolling dice, and it seems fast paced and FUN! 


Shannon: Jamaica- This game has been around for a while and I have heard about it often. The game looks beautiful, and I love a good pirate themed game.  
Amber: Scoville - First off I like to cook, and I like some spicy food, so a game that is about growing peppers and making recipes sounds fun! 


Shannon: One Deck Dungeon- A simple and small card version of a dungeon crawl, sounds good to me!  
Amber: Patchwork- I enjoy having a few 2 player games in my collection, because they tend to be a little more lighthearted, and there are many times when they come in handy to just play a short game. I like the quilt look of it :D 


Shannon: Mystic Vale- I love this idea of building your deck while at the same time building your cards. It's a great concept and I'm excited to play this game.    
Amber: Burgle Bros. -I actually haven't heard a lot about the game. I know it is a cooperative and that you are pulling off a robbery. It sounds fun! 


Shannon: One Night Revolution- We recently played One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and I found this game while looking for more games like it.
Amber: Hero Realms- I like Star Realms, so with this being a 4 player game by the same designers and cooperative, I think it sounds good! 


Shannon: Sub Terra- I heard about this kickstarter game on instagram that is set to come out towards the end of 2017. The cooperative, horror theme has me intrigued. 
Amber: Potion Explosion- I like the simplicity of this game, and the idea that I am cooking up potions! I like the cool marble dispenser! Will this game be a huge hit of my family? I don't know, but I like the theme. It is a game that seems like it would be easy to get even non-gamers to want to play, which is a lot of my extended family and friends! 


Shannon: Red Dragon Inn: Battle For Greyport- One of the first games that really got me into board gaming was Red Dragon Inn. So hearing that they had a cooperative version of this game was awesome news for me. 
Amber: Pursuit of Happiness- I LOVED the game of life as a kid, and I think a work replacement Euro style game of it seems really cool. I could see this being a fun game for my step daughter and I to play in the summer, or on family game nights with my husband added in :)  


Shannon: Hero Realms- I enjoyed playing Star Realms, and when I found out this game was a cooperative game from them that played 4 players, I was sold!  
Amber: Quadropolis- I like the idea of building my own town. Also I tend to be drawn to very modern and colorful looking boxes, and I have heard good things about the game. 


Shannon: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle- A cooperative game about one of my favorite book series. I held off on buying this game for Christmas, but I currently started listening to the audio books with my son and getting into that world again has me really wanting to get ahold of this game and play.  
Amber: Happy Salmon- Shannon has this game, and I played it last weekend for the first time and fell in love! I liked how it was short and yet crazy and I could see playing it with many groups of people because it is so fast and simple. 


Shannon: First Martians- Another cooperative game from the maker of Robinson Crusoe only this time set on Mars... Yes Please! This game is set to come out later on in the year, and I am super excited for this game!  
Amber: Beyond Baker Street- Shannon told me about this game back in November, and I really like how it is similar to Hanabi, and the theme of Sherlock is AWESOME! Plus Shannon talked about getting it for me at Christmas, and then it was sold out so, I am HOPING for it on my birthday in February! :D  


  1. What game(s) do you want this year?

  2. Thanks for posting the list. Yall think next time you could include amazon links in the next list?

    1. I updated the blog and added Amazon links to all but the one Shannon said was a kick start. Shannon and I don't always buy games from Amazon, we like to price compare with other places like coolstuffinc and miniature market.