Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our Least Favorite Games

If you want to learn more about any of the games we talk about, just click the name of the game, and the link will take you to the BoardGameGeek page for each game.


Amber: Hey, so I am personally trying to keep an open mind about games. I find when asked what my least favorite games are, it is hard to say I HATE that game. For me, it is a lot about who am I playing with, do I really understand the cards/game, what is my mood, how many times have I played the game, what are the mechanics, and so much more! So this is my right off "strategy" game list. I am not saying it will be forever, because I should give some of these another try!  


Shannon: Say Anything- I have played this party game several times now, and each time I see how easily it can be manipulated so that one person the players choose is the winner.
Amber: Sentinels of the Multiverse- I didn't really like it at first and thought there were better games out there that are superhero themed AND uses a deck to defeat a villain. Like Legendary Marvel! :D  But I will confess, I replayed this one over the weekend and actually enjoyed it because the 2 friends I played with KNEW the game and cards, so I enjoyed it. So this one may be moving off my list soon...


Shannon: Fleet- I've only played this game a few times, but each time I could never get the cards I needed to have a chance to win. 
Amber: Smash Up-  I, in theory, like this game, because I like the idea of combining 2 groups or factions and making 1 deck. But then, when it came to playing it, I didn't like it. It is probably one I should try again because I know a lot of people like it and there are a LOT of expansions. So if I had to guess those 2 things will help. And this is another I replayed over the weekend and liked better than I remembered.  


Shannon: Sentinels of the Multiverse- This one took too much time for every player's turn to happen, and just doesn't compare to other games like it.
Amber: Would You Rather (The Card Game)- I don't like picking the least terrible thing.We, as a family, like to make up would you rather questions in the car to pass time and be creative, it is fine then.


Shannon: Two Rooms and a Boom- I was able to play this party game when it was still a prototype and I didn't enjoy how easy it was to figure out who everyone was. I also didn't enjoy separating our game group into two rooms just to play. I haven't had a chance to play the final version so I hope it fixed some issues I had with this game.
Amber: Life- It is ALL about who has the most money, the LUCK of what you spin on a wheel, and what card you draw. I really want to try "Pursuit of Happiness" to see if the Euro-version game is better, like I have heard it is.


Shannon: Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small- This worker placement game just fell flat for me. I find it boring compared to all the other games I can be playing.
Amber: Snake Oil - Only played it a few times, but I just don't like having to "Sell" my thing! Especially in a group where you don't know everyone well. People will buy their friends more often, because they know what to "Sell" them for it to be funny.


Shannon: Le Havre- This game was too long, slow, and just plain boring for me. I have also played this as a solo game, and it just felt pointless to me, not fun at all.
Amber: SET Enterprises Quiddler Card Game- I am not an English person so spelling oriented games don't appeal to me!


Shannon: Taboo- When I play party games, I'm looking for a fun game. This one stresses me out when it's my turn, so I just don't enjoy it.
Amber: Munchkin- I think it is an ok starter game, to get into more Strategy games, but I feel like our group has found games that have more replay and game appeal.


Shannon: Would You Rather- I dislike the whole concept of picking what I feel is the least awful of two awful things. This just isn't my kind of game at all.
Amber: Apples to Apples- This game has made me frustrated over the years. I play a card that I think will be funny and then the person picking takes it as serious so it is offensive. So it goes back to knowing the group you are playing with, and how you can play something as funny or serious and it is all about the person picking. Also if you don't have good cards then you are stuck! :S


Shannon: Hanabi- I love Antoine Bauza games, so I was sad to dislike this game so much. When you can develop a system for discarding and say things with a certain emphasis to get people to do what you want, it just feels too cheaty for me. I just can't enjoy this game no matter how hard I try.
Amber: Small World- IT IS NOT LIKE RISK, which is what people said to get me to try it. I am sure if I hadn't gone in with the RISK comparison then maybe I would have liked it more, but I have tried it a few times, so I don't know.  


Shannon: Snake Oil- First off, the concept of this party game is just too silly for me. Also, I am a shy and quiet person, so this game puts me out of my comfort zone and stresses me out way too much.
Amber: Magic the Gathering- OK I half expect someone to comment or push back on this one! And I totally understand because I will be the FIRST to admit I have only played this once! And I am stubborn so I REFUSE to try again. I blame my husband's brother (we will call J). "J" asks almost weekly if we want to play. So one time around Christmas 2014, after being asked about 20 times in a week to play, I said "it is a Christmas Miracle I will play Magic." So "J" was very excited I had caved. "J" dealt himself, my husband, and I cards and started teaching me the game as we played. I asked a question about my hand, how to play a card, and what was in other peoples decks because I had no clue. My husband said well you could play a certain card, and "J" chimed in that I should listen to my husband. Then my husband said but "J" may have something in his deck that can kill you, so "J" if you do I would not give her that advice and then kill her off, because if you kill her off she will probably not want to play this game with you again, and I said he is right, I will not want to play this again. "J" said ok, then I played my card and "J" killed me off. So now anytime "J" asks to play I say no! You killed me off when I was trying to learn, why would I want to ever play again.  I know LOTS of people love the game. I even know that Richard Garfield created King of Tokyo and King of New York and I REALLY like those games, but I have been burnt by "J" and the game. "J" tends to target me in most games, so I should have seen it coming, but I get him back every chance I can! :D ha-ha I figure I need to retry the game before I really say it is my least favorite, but when you get burned by a person in a game right off it is hard to stay open minded...and when asked what is my least favorite game it is the first that comes to mind!

Amber: We would love for anyone to commit and tell us- What game do you think we should give another try? Or what is your least favorite game?

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