Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our Favorite Party Games

With Summer coming up soon, it reminds us of late night gatherings playing party games together with friends. We wanted to talk about some of our favorite games to pull out and play when we have a larger group. Click the name of any game to learn more about it from it's boardgamegeek page!


Shannon: Codenames: This game can be fun, but sometimes I find it a little frustrating to play. I tend to make connections to words that no one else will be able to get. So, for me, I have to take a step back and think about who I'm giving clues to.
Amber:  The Resistance Avalon: I used to like this game a lot, even though the "quests" are make believe, but we don't play it as much as we used too.


Shannon: Red Dragon Inn: I enjoy this game a lot. I like getting to pick out different characters each time to play so the cards are always different. But, as with all player elimination games, if you get eliminated early on, it can be really boring.
Amber:  Reverse Charades: I feel like this game is the GO TO Game for another couple we hang out with on occasion. And I, at first, wasn't sure how much I liked it, but the last 2 times we played it at their house, I will admit I have fallen in like with the game. It is just SO FUNNY to see how others act out words and how much chaos a group can do for 1 guesser. 


Shannon: Happy Salmon: This game reminds me of the craziness of Pit. Everyone is yelling out different things trying to get heard, but I like how you have to move around in this game. It's really nice when you've been sitting around playing games for a while to get up and move a bit.
Amber:  Love Letter Premium: I like Love Letter, and have only gotten to play the Deluxe Edition a couple of times, but the added characters were REALLY fun! I liked the chances of playing different characters (even if they are the same numbers 1-9) and having new specials to try out. (If you want more info on this game we wrote a review of it back in January! Go check it out!)


Shannon: Concept: I like the complexity of trying to get people to guess your words or phrases with the random pictures on the board. It makes you think, but I feel like this game is usually better with the right group or it can get a little boring.
Amber:  Telestrations: I liked telephone as a kid, and this game sometimes takes me back to when I was a kid! :) I like the added difficulty of drawing.  I do feel like this game NEEDS to be played with 5+ people, because with 4 people if a clue makes it around the table, people don't get as many points. And I could be the person that totally writes the wrong thing down to screw someone out of points, but that person frustrates me so I don't.


Shannon: The Resistance and The Resistance Avalon: I have played both versions and I love them both. I like Avalon a little better, because I like the extra abilities of some of the cards, but I think I would enjoy the regular version with it's expansions just as much. I grew up playing Mafia with a regular deck of cards, so when this game was introduced to me, I fell in love with it. I enjoy games like this.
Amber:  Bang! The Dice Game: Dice rolling can be a turn off to me in a group game, because if your roll sucks, you don't have any good options. I personally do ok at the game, but my poor husband somehow dies within his first 2 turns most games. He then will make up backstories for characters, which is funny yet annoying, but adds something to the game :) I do like in the new expansion with the Ghost, because when knocked out early, you don't just have to sit by and watch.


Shannon: One Night Ultimate Werewolf: This game is quick, the special abilities are really cool, and it's just a lot of fun to play. When we pull this one out, we always play is several times in a row because it's just so much fun and everyone loves it.
Amber:  Blood Bound: I like the secret identities in the game and the way each character has a roll in their Vampire Family! Also the characters on the cards are really interesting!


Shannon: Blood Bound: This is another game where everyone has secret identities and abilities, and I enjoy the challenge of figuring out who is on my team. 
Amber:  Happy Salmon: A newer game to my collection, but I LOVE IT! I love the chaos that goes on and how much fun it is to just be yelling out what card you have, trying to find someone do the card's action with!


Shannon: Dixit: I love the artwork on these cards, and I like the whole concept of trying to get people to guess which card is mine based on a vague clue. 
Amber:  Codenames: I think this is a fun word game. I have mentioned before I am not big on word games, but this one has sold me! We own Codenames original and pictures. I like the problem solving of how words can work together. Also it really makes you think about the different meanings of words, which can (and has in many games) backfire on the clue giver. (We wrote a blog review on this one too! GO check it out!)


Shannon: Bang! The Dice Game: This game has secret roles too, but I find it's usually pretty easy to find out who everyone is. I know some people don't like this one as much, because it relies heavily on dice rolls, but that's one of the things I like about it. 
Amber:  Dixit: FIRST OFF I LOVE THE ART ON THE CARDS!!! I think this game plays at its best at about 4+ players. I love that when playing with people you know WELL or don't know at all, it can be so much fun to see what the art reminds me of and how their brain works. I also really like when playing with someone new, they say their clue/hint and 1 or 2 specific cards pops up in my head :D


Shannon: Telestrations: This game is so much fun. It's like a giant game of telephone only with drawings. It's hilarious to see how one concept completely changes to something completely different at the end of each round.
Amber: One Night Ultimate Werewolf: I love this game! I haven't owned if for more than like 3 months...but no matter what group I have tried it with, it is SO MUCH FUN!! :D I have tried it with up to 7 people aging from 10-40! :) It reminds me of playing Mafia at summer camp, but the characters are much cooler!

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