Tuesday, April 11, 2017

First Quarter of Amber's Board Game Challenges

Here is an update on my first three months of 2017 Board Game Challenges. Since the start of the challenge, I had a birthday, adding some new games. Also we have all been sick a few days a few different times, been really busy at work, and no snow days to have game days on. But over all I feel pretty good about my Challenges!

Challenge #1 Play at least 7 board games a week!


This has been REALLY easy some weeks, and other weeks it has been REALLY hard. Most weeks if we hang out with Shannon and family it is easy to get multiple games in...but they have been sick some, so there have been a few weeks we haven't gotten to go over there at all. :S So far there has only been one week (Sunday-Saturday) that on Saturday I have had to say, "So I need to play at least 2 games today!!" I have enjoyed this challenge, because if I play a game like Star Realms on 2 different days, I only count the game 1 time on the chart. Yes, this makes it more challenging, but I like the challenge! To increase my challenge, I have also been counting any iPad games on the chart, since I play a few on there weekly. Over all one of my favorite things about this challenge is I can look on the chart and see I have played 67 different games since January...AND there are still so many that I have not played since January in my collection! :) I love board games!

Challenge #2 10x10 Board Game Challenge 

This has been really fun. I like getting to mark down when we play and watching the chart fill up. Also I feel like having 34/100 boxes done is really good for 3 months! I have played each game at least 2 times and almost have Mechs vs Minions done!

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