Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mechs Vs. Minions Review

*Ages 14+
*2-4 Players
*About 60-90 Minutes
*Chris Cantrell, Rick Ernst, Stone Librande, Prashant Saraswat, & Nathan Tiras

Mechs Vs. Minions is a cooperative scenario based game. Each scenario has a different goal for your team to accomplish. (No details as we do not want to spoil anyone.) You accomplish these goals by drafting cards that you put on your command line for controlling your mech. Each player takes their turns doing the actions on the cards in their command line, from left to right. When they are finished, the player to their left does the same with their command line. When everyone has taken their turn, the minions take their turn, and the card drafting begins again. Play continues until you reach your goal for that scenario or you meet the losing requirements for that scenario. 

Shannon's Thoughts:
Favorite Number To Play With: I like playing with 4 players, because you have plenty of people to help get everything done and fight off the minions.

Favorite Character And Why: Ziggs! To me, he looks like a crazed cat! And he's riding a bomb! I don't know how you can get any more awesome than that!

Least Favorite Character And Why: Either Heimerdinger or Corki.. No real reason other than I just don't like them as much as the other two.

Mechanics I Like And Dislike: I love the fact that you are drafting your cards and then carrying out your command line. 

Favorite Art Or Pieces: Obviously Ziggs! I also really like the minute glass timer... and pretty much everything about this game. All the pieces in this game are absolutely amazing! 

Strategies: Talk through what you will be doing and what you need before you start your draft so you have a better idea of what everyone needs before the draft starts. 

Final Thoughts: This game has really blown me away. It's fun, and the way they introduce new modules to the game makes it easy to learn and play. The whole game is just beautiful. It has become a favorite game of mine!

8 out of 10 Stars

Amber's Thoughts:
Favorite Number To Play With: Thus far 4 players, because I feel like all the charters are good and they work together.

Favorite Character And Why: Tristana, honestly she is the only one I have played, so it is hard to say anyone else. We, as a group, decided to take a character and play through the whole game, so I always play Tristana.  I like some of the other specials people have, but don't know what character has the most that I like. I do like the look of Tristana. She somehow reminds me if myself, ear pierced, smile on her face, and wishing she was in control of what was about to happen! 

Least Favorite Character And Why: Is it fair to say the minions and boss because they are the bad guys? Because I don't like them...

Mechanics I Like And Dislike: I like that all the cards you play to control your mech have a choice of 2 uses, ie slot the card for what it does, or use the scrap ability (switching 2 slots or getting rid of a damage). I like the flow of the game and how even if the dice rolls and cards come out practically perfect, you still have some tough choices to make as a team, you will still take some damage, and it can be a nail biter if you are going to win.

Favorite Art Or Pieces: The whole game's miniatures are so intricate and detailed that I don't have a favorite. 

Strategies: It depends on the scenario, because sometimes you need movement right off, sometimes you need fighting power, and sometimes you need both. 

Final Thoughts: First opinions, I loved the way there are practice plays to teach the game as you play. And how simple it was to learn. It has scenarios, which I am a huge fan of and like that your computer board resets between each scenario. This game continues to move up my favorites list. I really enjoy the game and sometimes don't realize how long we have been playing, because I am absorbed into the game. 

8 out of 10 Stars  

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