Saturday, May 20, 2017

Top Ten Camping Games

After playing board games, camping is one of our favorite activities to do together. Every year our families try to get out and go camping together a couple of times, and it is always a load of fun. Here are some of our favorite games to play after long hikes, next to campfires, and just sitting outside enjoying the fresh air.


Amber: Uno: An easy and fun game that the kids can play with us, and is fast. I like that even with young kids it is just matching colors or numbers :)
Shannon: Solitaire: Sometimes when you're camping, you just need a fun game to get out and play by yourself. Since all you need is a regular deck of cards to play, that makes this game the perfect choice.


Amber: Martian DiceThis quick dice game is a fun game to play. It has been a while since we have played it, but it is a small game that is easy to pack and play!
Shannon: Phase 10: This simple card game doesn't get played much anymore since we have so many other games to play now, but it's still a fun game and great to play while camping.


Amber: Bang: The Dice Game: I think this is a good group game if all want to play a game together. Also since it is dice the odds are closer to even for adults and kids.
Shannon: There's A Moose In The House: My kids love this game. The graphics on the cards are funny and cute and it's just plain fun putting a moose in someone else's house.


Amber: War: I like that it only requires 1 deck and it is an easy game that if one or two kids don't want to play what ever the others have chosen, then they can play with each other or I will play with them.
Shannon: Scavenger Hunts: While not an actual board game, I love going on scavenger hunts and helping my kids with scavenger hunts. It's lots of fun and helps the kids look around and enjoy the nature around them while we hike.


Amber: Rummy: This is a game I remember playing a lot as a kid while camping. I always liked sitting around the picnic table with my mom, sister, and aunt to play. Good memories :D Also it is good for learning card game terms like a run, book, set, and order of play.
Shannon: Rook: Another small card game that is easy to pack and lots of fun to play.


Amber: Hide The Rock: We painted 4 rocks a few years ago and we hide them around our camp site. Whoever finds it gets to re-hide it. The rocks are painted like a bird, turtle, ladybug, and bee. Super simple, but fun to see where the kids/adults hide them.
Shannon: S'mores: Last year we found this game at a little supply store at our campground. We just had to pick it up and the kids LOVE playing this cute little card game while camping. 


Amber: Sleeping Queens: I enjoy getting to pick out a queen at random and getting to play wands. It is a fun game to teach easy math problems to kids.
Shannon: Nerts: A lot of my favorite camping games deal with just a deck (or decks) of regular playing cards. They're easy to pack and there are so many options of games to play. A couple of years ago I got this really cool Nerts set for Christmas and it's goes camping with us every time. We use it for all of our games that use a regular deck of cards. Nerts is really fun and quick paced.


Amber: Golf: It is a simple game that is quick and fun to play with the kids.  Also it is works on visual memory.
Shannon: Love Letter: This is probably my favorite small game to pack up and take with me anywhere. It's so small, easy to play, and so much fun.


Amber: Nerts: I have always really liked this game, I remember playing it as a family, then during high school at youth get together, and now during camping! :D It is like solitaire with everyone playing on the same aces as fast as you can.
Shannon: Sushi Go!: I love this card game, and the fact that it is small enough to pack and take with us is fantastic. I really like the card drafting element of the game.


Amber: Hand and Foot: When we camp there is a LOT of hand and we have to set a limit of how high we going to go before we quit. Also because I don't like to lose, so I keep wanting to push it and then end up digging my hole bigger. The game is about trying to get sets of cards laid down and through your hand and foot deck.
Shannon: Hand and Foot: I can't even tell you how many games of Hand and Foot Amber and I have played while camping. This is our go to camping game. 

If you want to learn more about any of the board games on our list, click on their names and check them out on BoardGameGeek!

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