Friday, June 30, 2017

Amber's Halfway Through 2017 Board Game Challenge Update

It is now halfway through 2017, which I feel like it is going TOO FAST! Not because I am behind, because I am head on my challenges, but I feel like each year goes a little faster and it is my summer break! I thought before we get into my challenge update, I want to talk about the 4th giveaway I won and I wanted to answer some random board game questions. 

I won Stratos games wooden tiles and they sent me an extra surprise of an 10 X 8 Limited Edition Print! THANKS! I love the art! And Stratos has been on my want list, so having the wooden tiles makes me want the game ASAP!

Random Question Time
1) New Games I have gotten since January: Stone Age, Mystic Vale, Tides of Madness, CoinQuest, Happy Salmon, Beyond Baker Street, Pursuit of Happiness, Quadropolis, San Juan, Gravwell, Patchwork, Postion Explosion, TransAmerica, Macroscope, Candy Chaser, Bounce Off!, Blend Off, and Cthulu Monster for King of New York/Tokyo. 

2) Favorite New Game I got: Well I almost didn't put this question on here because I really like all of them! But for a 2 player game, I think Patchwork or Tides of Madness, for a 3-4 player game I think Potion Explosion or Beyond Baker Street, and 4+ player game, Happy Salmon. 

3) How many new games have I learned since January: I have learned all of my new games except TranAmerica, so a total of 16 games. I have also learned the the games from International Tabletop Day and the other New Board Game day. So a total 36 new games learned!

4) Favorite New Game I learned of Shannon's: I would probably have to say Above and Below. Which is a game a friend from St. Louis had recommended to me, so she was right!  

5) Kickstarters I am excited to receive later this year: I already got Macroscope in and really like it. But I still have to get Can't Stop Express, King Cat, One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows. Also at the beginning of 2018 I will be getting Zombie Tsunami. 

6) Least Favorite New Game I learned: Labyrinth, we learned it on International Tabletop Day at a local board game store. 

7) What games are still at the top of my wishlist: Well I have gotten 7 out of my 10 that I here are the ones I still want and added some! Burgle Brothers, Ok Play, Scoville, Chameleon, Sagrada, The Great Dinosaur Rush, Stratos game, Triplock, and New York Slice. Hopefully a few of these will be in the July 11th Amazon Deal Day! Fingers Crossed! Is there one of these games you would recommend I get next?

Is there a question you want me to answer? Leave it in the comments and I will answer!

Challenge #1 Play 7 games in a week
This has been kind of easy this quarter. Since I am on Summer Break for work and my stepdaughter is too, and I can go hang out with Shannon during the day...I can easily get like 10 games in a week. I am also excited to say I have played 103 different games since January! :D Which is 36 more than the first quarter! This number may not make another 30+ game jump by September, because I have played a lot of the games we own and like 1/2 of Shannon's, but we will see. 

Challenge #2 10x10 Board Game Challenge
I have now played 63 of the 100 games for this challenge. I have finished 2 rows; Mechs vs Minions and Lost Cities! I think with still having some summer break left I should be able to get a few more in before school starts back. Also I have found a few of these games are a little harder to convince my husband, step daughter, or Shannon to play because we have gotten some new games that they want to play. Which is understandable because we have gotten some new GOOD GAMES! 

What game do you want us to review next? Leave us a comments and remember to follow!

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