Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Games Weekend #2

For this New Games Weekend, we decided to head back over to our local game store that we went to during ITTD. It was a lot of fun getting to go out to a game store and learn to play new games, and we look forward to doing it again. They have a few small and several big games on our wish list that we want to try before purchasing.

Friday Night

Flag Dash- We started off with a smaller game that we hoped would be an easy one to learn. Flag Dash is like Capture the Flag in board game form. You are moving your team members around on the board to take the other team's flag back to your side before they get your team's flag to their side. 
Shannon- This game was okay, but I don't see myself buying it. I think it may be more fun as a four player game.
Amber-I liked the way each player uses a number token with bonuses to figure out the play order and that each character had a special ability. This is a game I had thought in the past might be a good game to add to the collection, because it could be an end of the night shorter game, or as a 2 player against my step daughter. But after trying it out, I think it could be good for a 4 player game, but isn't going to be one of my top picks to buy or play. 

DC Comics Deck Building Game- Next up, we played this DC deck builder. We own the Legendary Marvel deck builder, and we wanted to see how the two compared. In the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, each player is given a starting hero card that has a unique special ability, and you are building your deck to defeat the super villain deck. 
Shannon- I enjoyed playing this game, but I still prefer Legendary Marvel to this one. If I end up buying this one, it will be because I love the heroes from the DC Comics world.
Amber- I know more Marvel Heroes, so I tried to go into this game open minded. I liked having a starting character (Green Lantern) because I got a different special than Shannon (Batman). But over all I still think I lean towards Marvel with the nice board, city, and head quarters. I think this game has potential from what other people have said with the expansions, but it isn't one I feel like I have to own right now. 

Five Tribes- We ended our night playing Five Tribes with another guy who wanted to play.  In Five Tribes you are biding for turn order, then choosing a square tile and picking up all the meeples to then distribute to adjacent tiles. Depending on what meeple you place last and what the tile does depends on what effect happens next. You may get to keep the elders, assassinate another meeple, buy a card, or place palm tree/palace/camel. 
Shannon- This was my favorite game that we learned this weekend. It is one that I have thought about buying before, (I even have the ITTD Wil Wheaton card) but I was not 100% sure it would be one that I would like until after playing. It is definitely higher up on my Wishlist list now.
Amber- I really liked Five Tribes. It is one that my husband had put on a wishlist a while back. I think turns could be over thought, like in lots of games. But I think the good balance to that is bidding for turn order because if there is a move you really want, then you need to out bid the other players. I was confused for most of the game on how the blue meeples scored, and passed up some points on placement of camels because I miss understood a rule. Over all I could see Shannon or I adding this to our collection at some point. 

Saturday Night

Eldritch Horror- Saturday night, we jumped right in with a more complicated game right off. This one took us both a while to figure out how to set up and play. Eldritch Horror is a horror themed cooperative game, were you are moving around the Earth trying to take out monsters. Each player takes 2 actions, then hass an encounter, and last the monster gets a turn. 
Amber- I really liked Eldritch Horror. I was unsure at first about the Horror theme, since I do not like Horror or scary moves. But it wasn't anything worse than games like Ghost Stories. I did feel slightly over whelmed with opening the box and seeing so many cards big and small, tokens, player cards, and 2 rule books (1 ended up being a reference guide), but once it was set up, it wasn't more going on then in games like Robinson Crusoe or Pandemic. I think this is one I want to try again with 4 players. I liked all of the action options you had to choose from and how there were always like 3-5 actions I wanted to take but had to decided what 2 actions were most important for right now. I also like that the encounters were a separate action so I felt like I got to do more to help defeat the monster.  
Shannon- Once we figured out what we were doing in this game, it was a lot of fun to play. This one is the one that surprised me the most this weekend, because I really didn't think I would enjoy it, and I ended up really liking this one. I'm still a little unsure if I want to buy this game though, because there are just so many expansions for it.

Coup- Next we wanted to go for a smaller and easier to learn game so we grabbed Coup to learn. Coup is a card game where you are dealt 2 cards and you claim you are a certain character to get there reward. You do not have to be that character, but no one gets to know if you are telling the truth or not unless they challenge you. 
Amber- I liked the game but felt like I lost pretty fast. So I would like to try this game again but with 4 players before truly deciding whether to buy it or not. I think as a 4 player game it would be better because you would have more people to challenge or help you feel like the situation of whether that person could be that character or not. I liked the art of the character cards. 
Shannon- I have debated buying this game many times, but I never have because it's one that relies on bluffing. I do not have a good poker face, so I usually do not do well with these kinds of games. I really enjoyed this one though and I may have to go ahead and pick up a copy.

Geek Out- We ended out night with Geek Out. We wanted to learn one more game that would be easy to just pick up and play. In Geek Out you flip a card and roll a colored dice then you read the question on the card. Then you go around the table to bid on who can name the most of that category. 
Amber- I felt pretty good about Geek Out when I won the first 2 cards, but then I got a -2 and did not get another card! HaHa It was fun, and if I was going to add a party style game, I would consider this one. But we don't do a lot of gaming with more than 5 players. I also do not feel like I know enough of the "geek" stuff that was coming up...
Shannon- This game was fun, I thought it was going to be easier than what it was, but it was harder to remember everything when under pressure to remember. 

We had a lot of fun this weekend learning more new games. Click the link to any game to learn more about it at the BoardGameGeek website. Remember you can follow us, share this post, and/or let us know which of these games you like or don't like!

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