Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sushi Go! Review

*Ages 8+
*2-5 Players
*About 15 Minutes
*Card Drafting
*Phil Walker-Harding
*Game App Available

Sushi Go! is a cute card drafting game! Each player starts with a hand of cards (The number of cards depends on the number of players) which they then pick one card from that hand and pass it on to the next player. You continue to take a card and pass the remaining cards on to the next player until all cards have been taken. Then you tally up how many points you made that round. Each card has a different point value and some of them have special conditions that must be met to earn points. (ex. you need 3 Sashimi to score 10 points, Wasabi will triple the points of the next nigiri card placed on it, etc. ) The game is played in three rounds. Each round, after scoring, all cards (except pudding cards) are discarded and a new set of cards are passed out to each player. At the end of three rounds, the points from all the rounds are added together, then the player with the most pudding is awarded 6 points (in the case of a tie, the points are split evenly between players) and the player with the least amount of pudding gets -6 points (again, with a tie the negative points are split between players.). The player with the most points wins.

Shannon's Thoughts:
Favorite Number To Play With: I have played them all and love them all. This is a great game no matter what number of people you have.

Favorite Card And Why: I love the Sashimi when you can get three of them, after that I really like getting the dumplings.

Least Favorite Card And Why: Pudding! I usually end up with none and I have to account for that with the points that I get.

Mechanics I Like And Dislike: I love the card drafting part of this! I'm not the biggest fan of collecting puddings, because they can feel like wasted cards during the first two rounds, but I understand why they are there.

Favorite Art Or Pieces: All the cards in this game are adorable, so I love them all!

Strategies: If I think I can get three sashimi I will go for those. Otherwise, just seeing what I think I can get the most points in based on what's out there and what I know the people I'm playing with will take.

Final Thoughts: This game is so cute and it's easy too. My youngest is only 7 and she's been playing this game for years already. Plus it's so small that we can easily take it with us to play anywhere! I really enjoy card drafting games and I love that this is one that my kids can play with me.

8 out of 10 Stars

Amber's Thoughts:
Favorite Number To Play With: Definitely 3-4 people.

Favorite Card And Why: I love the wasabi, squid nigiri, tempura, and sashimi. Wasabi because it straight up triples the next piece of nigiri play on it. Squid Nigiri because it is the single stand alone most valued card in the deck. Tempura and Sashimi because, yes you have to collect 2-3 of them to get the points, but both are great points per card. 

Least Favorite Card And Why: Dumplings probably. Dumplings, because I feel like I can never get them to pay off for me.

Mechanics I Like And Dislike: I like the chop sticks cards, but at the same time getting stuck with one at the end I don't like, so that is not cool, but part of the game. I like that it is a good card drafting learning game. 

Favorite Art Or Pieces: Not sure I have one, but I over all like the simple take on the happy food.

Strategies: Start collecting tempura and sashimi early in the round. If you see a wasabi or squid nigiri take it first, don't pass it! They can both be valuable points. And try to get at least one pudding, you don't have to get the most to win, but you don't want to have the least. 

Final Thoughts: Over all fun short game. Great for beginners or a good gateway game to teach. Fun way to learn drafting and simple to pick up for most people. I also like the size, it is a game we sometimes take to a coffee shop to play while we drink.

7 out of 10 Stars 

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